Untitled, A Publication About Coping

BRIEF: Create a tangible publication. 

Publication Theme: This publication is an exploration of various stages of coping with trauma. It is interactive and leads the reader through an emotional and intellectualized experiences that leaves them feeling a new sense of empathy towards those who are coping with their own internal struggles. The publication includes sensory warnings and is censored for online viewership; it is best experienced tangebily. 


Development Process: Since this publication is a journey, its sequence was navigated from my "map" which helped me navigate all the interactive pieces along with their placement within the continuity pages. 

Veronica_staehle_Map Sketch.png

Sample Components: 1. Coming Undone Process

Image: (Left) Sketches and concept development. (Right) Photographs taken showing the progression of becoming emotionally undone. 
Text: (In sketch) "Progression, top lip, bottom lip, top up again, bottom lip again, lips plus all around, dragging lipstick onto cheek."

Sample Components: 2. Ghana Slave Castle Stone Walls.

Image: (In book) Dark chocolate bar scraped by fingernails. (Below) Other chocolate exploration photographs with two different chocolate bars, and cropping variations for both.
Text: "In the slave castles in Cape Coast, Ghana—slaves were stored in stone dungeons. They ate, slept, shit, and vomited in the dungeons. Sometimes trapped for months until the ships come. Heaven above, and hell below. You still see their fingernail scratches in the stone, desperately trying to claw their way out."